Friday, 1 July 2011

Textile Group 'Out Of The Fold' exhibit at Denny Brothers Art Gallery, Suffolk, England

Detail. 12x12 inch piece. Birgitte Hendricks 2010

The members of the 'Out Of  The Fold' Textile Group are inviting you to visit our newest and current exhibition at Denny Brothers Art Gallery, 50 St Andrews Street South, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 3PH, England. The exhibition will be on display from the 2nd July - 30st July 2011.

The work on display is predominantly our travelling exhibition of 13 textile art pieces that the group members have made this past year. All 12 x 12 inch framed piece of textile art were made to an open design theme resulting in a very exciting mixture of techniques and designs. To be honest we think they look quite stunning :-)
Some of the pieces on display will be for sale. A sales table with a selection other textile art related items, such as cards, small pictures, covered books will be for sale as well.

More information about The Denny Brothers Art Gallery can be found at their website