Caroline Brown

As a Textile Artist I work generally with old, used or damaged fabrics bringing to them a new life, in the form of images that evoke memories and an appreciation of traditional materials.
Fragments from foreign fields

I have recently started working in 3-D, referring to my work as "Stitched Sculpture". Working with a needle and thread "in the round" is exciting, a learning experience and an interesting challenge.

I have an infatuation with textiles made from natural materials; I consider them to be almost a living species.  Certainly, they were all living before manufacture and I feel that movement and adornment only enhances their lives. As "living forms", textiles deserve respect. 

I have exhibited at Butlers Wharf and The Mall Galleries, London, and throughout East Anglia. I am a member of Suffolk Open Studios. One of my pieces, a beaded baseball cap, is featured in "Bead Embroidery" by Val Campbell-Harding. 

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