Monday, 18 April 2016

Suffolk Suitcase Collection

Jane has been working for  piece for the Quilters Guild Region 8 new suitcase collection inspired by our Suffolk and Essex region which will go on display at the Blackthorpe Barns Big Exhibition on  Saturday 30th April - Monday 2nd May 2016.

Here is just a tiny corner to give you a taster for the whole thing.

Jane Rowland

Friday, 15 April 2016

Out of Line

Out of the Fold have created a new display of work which will be first revealed at the Quilter's Guild Big Exhibition at Blackthorpe Barns on Saturday 30th April until Monday 2nd May 2016  www.

Each member of the group has produced a piece of work only 6" wide but at any length in their own style and they will hang together as one piece called 'Out Of Line'

Here is a little glimpse of some of the pieces and to see the whole thing please come along to the show where there will be lots of beautiful quilts from throughout the region.





Saturday, 12 March 2016

More ripped and revealed (and coloured)

After the rip and reveal Mary had some pleasing results
Orange tissue laid over dyed fabric just clings to the stitching after the 'rip'

Tissue first coloured with leaf shapes using oil pastel
But liked it better with colour added to darken
Diluted acrylic paint flooded through from the back

The second piece received the same treatment

Tissue transferred to a cream fabric

Cream fabric and tissue coloured

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

More rip and reveal

Penny produced several pieces using the gesso paper lamination technique - these two are particularly good

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Gesso lamination - rip and reveal

On the second day of the workshop with Christine Chester we layered tissue paper with fabric, stitched, painted with gesso and laid another piece of fabric on top. We then had to wait to let it dry overnight before we could rip them apart. The results are varied, but interesting, and will provide backgrounds to be stitched and made up into finished work.

Helen's piece which had tissue shapes overlaid with a whole sheet of tissue.

Jane's piece using collaged tissue.Stitch stayed on the left, tissue and stitch marks transferred to the right 

Lynne's pieces using tissue coloured with oil pastels

Guest workshop member Marie used printed tissue with interesting results
 More to follow..............

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Christine Chester Workshop

We have just spent a brilliant two days with Christine Chester who travelled all the way from Eastbourne to Suffolk to run a workshop on paper lamination. Christine is an excellent tutor and everyone produced several pieces of laminated fabric ready to layer up and stitch - watch out for these being made up into finished pieces and appearing in an exhibition in the near future. Here are just some of them......................

Christine demonstrating lamination

Mary's copper beech using painted newspaper

Guest member Marie Paddon's piece using images of her own gelliprints

Jane's transparent lamination using newspaper and a thermofax screen

Jane's piece using an old map

Jane layering up two laminations and starting to stitch

Lynne has gone all Japanese - again

Daphne's garden 

Marion's beautifully delicate piece

Christine reviewing work and giving feedback

The gesso lamination pieces are drying ready for the 'rip and reveal' tomorrow - so watch out for more photos

Saturday, 20 February 2016

From the Earth exhibition

Mary's piece 'From Shawl to Shroud' has been selected for the very first From The Earth exhibition.
This group, set up by Alice Fox and Caroline Bell, are promoting the use of only natural and green processes in textile art. Everything used must be either natural or recycled

Originally made for the Out Of The Fold gallery at the Knitting and Stitching shows in 2014 the wallhanging is made from recycled calico coffin cover (donated by Carol) and is rust dyed using recycled sofa springs (donated by Jane). Mostly hand stitched.

The exhibition will take place during the month of June in the Mardelybury Gallery, Datchwood, Herts (near ArtVanGo)

From Shawl to Shroud (detail)